January 4, 2011


I am a nut when it comes to books, I am a book lover and collector.  I am that girl at Barnes and Noble and Borders.  You know the type... the person that spends way too much time perusing the endless options of reading material, the person that spends way too much money buying those endless options of reading material, and the person that is running out of room to store all those magical words printed on paper.  
I dream of the day I can afford a house with a room dedicated to my little treasure trove of books.  It would have floor to ceiling shelves, a ladder that rolls along the wall, a cozy and chic sofa 
to lounge on while escaping into my next adventure.  Oh to dream!! Poof! Back to reality!  For now, I will have to be ok with my little nook that suits my fine.  I am just grateful I have a space in my home that I can sit in peace for a few moments of tranquil reading that is not lost amongst the daily chaos known as life.
Meet my Book Nook (aka Living room, where the kids aren't allowed to play)!

Love these

My Favorite bookends I scored for $30 on sale at Pottery Barn
Now for the Images that inspire my library daydreaming....
I love how the books are so colorful and organized with a bright white sofa!  Splendid.

This is so cozy!  I love the Ladder and the bright Green Curtain that adds drama and weight.

All white and nothing boring about it!

White with accent of Purple, how fantastic!  I  love the Classic, dark wood floors .
My boys, Bentley and Ryder, love books as much as I do.  We are just a whole bunch of Bookworms! Ha.  Anyway, we read a "bedtime" story, a "nap time" story, and sometimes a "just because" story everyday.  Here are some of our favorites and some recommendations if you are shopping for new children's books. (All images from Barnes and Nobel) Enjoy!
This is my 3 year old's favorite!  It is hilarious and cute.

For any child that loves trains, teaches them colors and is great.

This has a great message.  Love this book!

A classic, both my boys love this one.

All Karen Katz books are great for babies! My 11 month old loves these and they are great for interacting.

Another Karen Katz favorite of my 11 month old.  This teaches them body parts.

My favorite children's book!!  The illustrations are retro and amazing, and it is whimsical and my Boys LOVE it. If you get just one new book, get this.

Classic, need I say more. Great message.

My 3 year old still loves this book.  A bestselling classic.

This book gets me every time!  I tear up when I read it to my boys.  Such a sweet book.


Kelly said...

Um such a cute post! I love the pic with the green curtain! My fave color. :)

Kelly said...
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Lindsay Banner said...

Love this post Britt!!!! So inspiring!!!

Brooklyn said...

Love this! I'm just happy that two of Bentley's fav books his auntie Brooke gave him. Love!

Swirls of Happy said...

You have fabulous taste sissy!!! Bentley (and me) thank you :)

Anonymous said...

My boys also love Toes, ears, and nose! (Giving tree was my favorite book from childhood.)

Love the library reading room pics!