January 12, 2011

A piece of Heaven

Yesterday was one of those type of days.  You know, when you seem to have mascara smudged on your face (thank you everyone that spoke to me for not saying anything..not), when you have a migraine and the sounds coming from two little boys in the back seat seem to make the migraine worse, the house is a war zone, Working out and even showering (like that is going to happen) seem unachievable, bills, grocery shopping, 3 year old tantrums, rude people, etc. etc. etc. You get the idea.  We all have these types of days, unfortunately. Such is life as an adult I suppose.  Anyway, back to my pieces of heaven (or Swirls of Happy, if you will!)...I took the boys to the park to soak up some much need Vitamin D and pure solar Nirvana.  As I was pushing Captain Crazy and Mr. Delicious on the swings, I looked at their little smiley faces and everything seemed better.  To look through the eyes of a child...they never seem to have those type of days.  It got even better when my 3 year old said to me "mommy you smell like flowers and you look shiny"!  Seriously, why are kids so in tune?  It is freaky!  It is like someone told him at that minute that I needed to hear something like that from his sweet little voice... Phenomenal! I quickly decided to snap out of my funk and be as carefree as they were in that moment.  Let me tell you, it worked!  My day quickly turned around and then another piece of Heaven presented itself to me in the mail.  Meet Free People (If you don't know them, get to know them). Their January catalog and sneak peak for Spring...HELLO!!!  Free People is my favorite (well, Anthropologie too...wish I could afford more of it!).  On a side note: I wished I lived in an Anthropologie store.  Here are some of my favorite pieces for the upcoming season.  Enjoy (and don't drool too much)!

P.S. For all you Arizona Dwellers, they just opened up their new store in Scottsdale ;)

Love these shorts!  Leggings would be so great under them.

Love the ruffle detail, these would be adorable peeking out of boots.

Comfy heels?!  Wedges are it! Who knew those two words could coexist!

A great slub top that you could wear everyday (if that was socially acceptable).

This top is so feminine, I love the vintage feel of the ribbon and Polk-a-dot.

I love me a good Fedora!  This one is Suede.

Awesome boots for everyday.  Love that they look like you just got done riding on the ranch.
I need this!

Awesome romper for the beach!

This dress is my favorite from the Spring collection.  It is so romantic and pretty.
I bought these for myself today.  Ha.  Who says you can't buy flowers for yourself?


Jennie Kolibas said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better! It's tough being a mommy, even in those days you can't take a 'sick day'. As far as Free People goes I get that catalog and it's such a tease! I need them to have a sale on their sale items haha! They have little girl clothes that are to die for!

Swirls of Happy said...

Tell me about it!! Hence the "I wish I could afford more" part..lol!!

mandyface said...

i LOVE those polka dot shorts! and don't worry, every time its peony season i treat myself to as many flowers as i can carry!