April 25, 2011

I heart F21

What did I do before Forever 21?  With it's trendy-lined aisles, it's cheap price point, and it's millions of locay's (that's short for locations, if you were wondering)?!  I heart Forever 21 for some fun, cheap, seasonal finds and of course for the fact that I can buy pretty much an entire wardrobe for almost the same as I spend in Target weekly.  Darn you Target, seriously, I spend WAY too much TIME and MONEY in that place.  I have a major addiction to that store and Forever 21 is starting to get a hold of me also.  You know you go into Target too often when the lady in the food area greets you (and your kids) by name, and has an Icee and pretzel waiting for them.  Darn you Target!  P.S. did I mention that JDubs (my hubby) has ever so sweetly (and seriously) commented that maybe I should try not going into Target this week?  I am thinking about taking him up on this challenge until May 1st that is, because then this happens, and that would just be silly to miss it.

Anyhoo, like I said, F21 is awesome for cheap, cute finds.  Here are some of my favorites from Forever21.com right now.  Enjoy and Happy Monday! XoX
Love stacked Bangles, especially in Coral, Gold, and Turquoise.

This would be a cute Swimsuit cover up.

Straw Fedoras are pretty much attached to my head during Summer.  I have 10 different ones.  This one with the rope and bright feather might have to make it #11.

The perfect Summer dress: White+Eyelet.

I would wear this with Gold Gladiators and pop of color with a Yellow or Turquoise clutch

I love these stripe shorts.

Geometric prints are always fun

Cute shorts with a great T (easy outfit) and adorable.  P.S. My favorite T-shirts ever are found here

I love feathers.

Love my slouchy, stripe tops.  This with leggings and Gladiators is the easiest Summer outfit to put together.

Great layering necklace.

Great tank.  This is so versatile and I like the pockets, it adds a little something.

The perfect Cotton Button-up.  Use it over a swim suit (leave a few  un-button), tuck it into a skirt, or wear with shorts.  A classic piece that goes with anything.

Boho Bangle

Adorable with a Skirt.

I am a sucker for different {big} rings.
Cute little Clutch.  This would be a great Make-up bag also.

Tied onto a handbag for a pop of Summer color.  Love the Batik print.


karen @ our slo house said...

My sister and my sister-in-law are also F21 junkies. I haven't quite gotten into it...

Now, Target... yeah, I have a problem with Target, too. Trouble is, you find so many things that you *need* all of a sudden! :(

Ashley said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog;)
F21 is a serious addiction for myself as well...i buy all of my trendy items there! My friends think the place is a chaotic stressful mess, but the hunt is what shopping is all about for me, i LOVE it!
you have a new follower!


Anonymous said...

Your husband, and my husband must have had a chat, because I heard a very similar line recently.

There is always something there-and those little red stickers screaming sale item...well, anyhow.

P.S. really love that beige wrap dress, and the layering necklace. So pretty.

Lisa Harris said...

Fun finds Britt! xo

Abigail's Place said...

Some really cute outfits and love that scarf!
We only have 1 shop here in the UK at the minute so fingers crossed a few more pop up soon, so hanks for sharing!

Hope your mission to avoid Target is a success : )

Abigail x

The Farmers said...

Love F21 and can't wait to shop there for my post baby wardrobe.

Brooke and Brett Martin said...

Okay you are SOOOO funny! I officially need a long summer dress. I don't even have one in my closet. It's time. Maybe we can meet up at San Tan one of these days and look for one together ;). You are a doll.

Brooklyn said...

Such great finds! Love them!

Trashy Decor said...

You have such a great sense of style. I see you developing your own fashion line one of these days!

Heidi said...

I agree, they're stuff is WAY TOO CUTE. I think my wardrobe at this point is 50% thrifted and 50% F21. For real. Everything I'm wearing to work today is from there except accessories. I think I may have a problem ;)

Steffen said...

I'm loving all these forever 21 things! I'm so glad we have one in England now, since the only one I ever went to was the ones in Dubai!