April 20, 2011

Imagine. Create. Play

My kids share a bedroom so that they can have another room solely as a "play room".  They love it and even Mr. Delicious goes right in there to play at the Train table first thing in the morning.  It makes me happy that it is a fun place for them to imagine, create, learn and play, but I need some awesomeness in there...it just screams "toys" right now, and I want it to scream "awesome and fun yet organized chaos"...is that too much to want? hmmm, this will be a challenge.

A few things I want to do with it:
* The family Computer is in the room, so I want to divide a play area and a "computer/reading" area in the room
* I want to have it organized
* I want a kids art area
* need to reposition the TV
* need to add some fun artwork and accessories

To inspire me with the huge project, here are some play rooms that scream "I am awesome, come play".  Enjoy!

All images via Pinterest


Happy Homemaker UK said...

Great collection of playrooms!

Just stumbled upon your blog. So lovely to meet you here :)

Julie Chesley said...

i loved the ABC wall I almost wish my kids were still little enough to do that in one of their rooms, so cute. See you Sat:)

Alexandria D. said...

I just wrote you the longest comment and it didn't send. Grrrr.
Here it goes again.

I was just mentioning that I was thinking of you and this post today (during class- Ha!) and it reminded me of an amazing concept I stumbled upon awhile back; forward facing bookshelves. The 3rd from the top pictures in your post consists of one.
Anyways, I read this article about how important it is to display your children's books with the cover and title facing forward as it encourages them to read.
Here is the link to the article...

Not only is it a postive and encouraging way to display books, but it also looks amazing!

Here are some links to pictures I thought you might be able to get some additional inspiration from..

I adore this:

You could add some of the Target Poufs you love here, or even beanbag chairs would look amazing, and be fun, for the boys:

Love this as well:

These are so simple and so versatile:

And how adorable is this little tote to lug library books in?:

Sorry about all of the links- I wish there was an option to add mini pictures in a comment.

I hope I didn't forget anything. ;)

All of these shelves look fairly simple to make- which means cost effective and customizable! Let me know if you are ever up to building one (or a few) and we can take on the challenge together.

Miss your gorgeous face!


Chelsea said...

We have our computer desk, and large filing credenza in our "playroom" as well. I don't love it but it had to be...and I don't know why but the fact that it is combined makes me totally not care about making it cute for some reason. I know I would totally feel the pressure of making it super cute if it was soley a playroom.

Love all the inspiration pics, I'm sure it will look great!

ohyouprettythings said...

I LOVE these play rooms!! They are amazing! When I was little I had the coolest play room! All the kids in the neighbor hood would ask to see it! It was coined "The dollhouse" With murals of Alice in wonderland! I hope I can make one just as cool for my kids someday! :]

Swirls of Happy said...

Julie, I love the ABC wall!!!!

Allie, I have forward facing book shelves in the bedroom (which is where all the books are now), and I LOVE it and so do they, as they just pic the one they want themselves becuase of the picture :)

Anonymous said...

Our playroom is also an office, and though we got started on it, we kind of lost momentum. Lots of fantastic ideas here. The boys love having a teepee. I'm sure whatever you decide it is going to look great! :)