April 18, 2011

Mama Hood Rule #142

If you want to tire your kids out so they sleep all afternoon {even in the car }, then just take them to the zoo all morning long.

Exhibit A) Mr. Delicious fast asleep 3 minutes into the car ride home from the zoo.  P.S.  he is now in his crib, still sound asleep...

Disclaimer:  You are probably wondering why he has no shirt.  We played in the splash park at the zoo and his other shirt was soaked, hence the no shirt.  I really do get my kids dressed daily.  Wait, do PJ's and Super Hero costumes count as getting dressed?
"Robin" is a frequent favorite outfit.

Batman with the "big muscles" as Capt. Crazy calls this attire.
PJ's are a must in this house the second we walk in the door (and "Softee" the Sock Monkey)

Mr. Delicious just being...well, Delicious.
Totally off subject, but I have been craving Peanut Butter like nobody's business.  I can't get enough! Any one else nutty about Peanut Butter like me?! Oh, and remember my post on creating an entry?  Well this week I will post my entry that I put together.


Abigail's Place said...

I love peanut butter, I could eat a whole jar to myself!
An your kids are too cute, Batman and Robin how adorable!

Abigail x

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, day at the zoo works like a charm. (As does the children's museum.) Your boys are so adorable. The costume thing-must be a little boy thing. Mine is always asking to wear superman pj's, or his superman costume. I let him wear it to preschool once because I figured he is 3 after all. No biggie.

I can't seem to get S to try out any splash parks though, but I'm sure now that J is walking he will be exploring every single one.

Now on to the peanut butter cravings-is there a number 3 Mr. Delicious or Captain crunch in the foreseeable future? :) Just asking since you are having dire cravings for it. That of course is not always indicative of anything baby related because I crave pb and nutella anything!

Wow. I just realized this comment is super long. I should start leaving skype open as an option to keep from writing a book as if we are having a conversation. ;)

modern jane said...

I love that you call him Mr. Delicious. What an adorable nickname:)

Trashydecor.blogspot.com said...

I love, love, love peanut butter.
Your boys are too cute for words.

michele at hellolovelyinc said...

thanks for visiting today! peanut butter. UM YESSSSSS. like everyday yes. my sons were all about those superhero costumes, and we loved it!

have a great week! following.


Miss Walker said...

Peanut butter is my weakness! Your boys are so gorgeous, love the Super Hero attire! Cant wait to hear more on your entryway...check out some ideas here. Hope your having a fab start to the week! Miss Walker xoxo

ben+alex said...

i LOVE peanut butter! i could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
so good.
just found your blog and love it.
new follower..


Chelsea said...

Two darling brunette boys! And yes I eat peanut butter all day long. With bananas, in cookies, on crackers, in granola bars...oh and my most recent favorite: spread on top of a honey graham cracker--tastes just like a nutter butter!