May 14, 2011

Happy Lady

I was one happy lady yesterday afternoon as I pulled into my driveway, only to find two boxes that were sitting on my font porch.  I knew what they were (because I was expecting them), and by them I mean my two silver Moroccan poufs that I previously blogged about here.  My heart skipped and I got all excited and such.  Then I remember that the hubs was working from home and I didn't want him seeing my packages right away. Darn. Why do things I order online always come on the days that he works from home....blah.  I knew exactly what he was going to say "no more house stuff" and "why did you get two".  I didn't want to have to deal with these silly questions right away, I just wanted to enjoy my poufs! Is that too much to ask?

So I did what any respectable wife does that likes to hide purchases until later and say "no, I have had that for awhile" {awhile being a few days} when asked "is that new?".  I hurried to the front door to bring the packages in.  I was trying to be so quiet as to not let him wonder what I was up to.  I'm usually up to something, if you haven't figured that out already,  Ha.  Not like in a devious way, just I usually have some sort of plan of attack or action that I'm up to.  I get it from my momma. My mom used to always hide her shopping bags, and when my sister and I would catch her she would say "it's not new". Now I know why she did it.  By the way, I have figured out that I am turning into my mom.

Anyhow, where was I...Oh, yes.  I was being quiet and bringing the two boxes in.  So I got them in and then I hid them in the under stairs closet.  Phew, mission one saw.  The rest of the day and night I was just stewing because I wanted to go see what the shiny, silver, fun poufs looked like in person and open up my boxes.  I had to wait.

Ok, at this point in the story you are probably wondering "why is she so obsessed with the poufs"?  Here is where I explain the method to my obsessiveness and insanity.  I have been wanting some Moroccan poufs forever, but at a price tag of $190+ for just one, I couldn't bring myself to buying one (I am a bargain shopper).  Once I heard about the Calypso St. Barth for Target line, which included the said poufs, and for a price of $59.99, I had to have them.  There, now you know.  I really am normal.  I just like poufs.  Totally normal {right?}.

So, I waited until this morning to open my boxes up when JDubs left for work.  It was worth the wait...they are even more lovely in person.  I am a happy lady.  Oh, and my kids love them.  They like to  play frogs and bounce all over them like lilly pads.

P.S.  The kids loving the poufs and the fact that these were a "Mother's Day" Present to myself was my justification to my husband when he did in fact ask; "what are these for?"  and "you got two?".  The later was more like a statement, with a connotation of slight annoyance.  In the end I won, and he just smiled.  He loves me.  I know this because he puts up with my shenanigans.  I love him because he just plain rocks my world.

P.P.S Totally unrelated, but I hate when I over-tweeze my brows.  Grr.  I let them get all gorilla like so I could re-shape them a few months ago, and somehow I went tweezer happy again. Boo.  Does that ever happen to you?  And if you are going to say, "just go get them waxed", then I am not listening.  I have never had a good experience with that.  I come out looking like I drew a line with a pencil for eyebrows. Not a fan.  I would really like thick eyebrows again...back to Gorilla mode.

P.P.P.S  I hope you have a great Wednesday!!! XoX


wilybrunette said...

eeek!! they're so cute, i love them. my mom hides clothes in her closet as though she's had them for a while so my father doesn't realize they're new.

i imagine i will as well.

as for the eyebrows...i let the girls at the benefit brow bar take care of them...prevents me from gettin to tweezer happy.

Bridget said...

Hehe you are so funny! Just yesterday i was hiding a shopping bag in my underware drawer for a few days :) As for the brows...i hear ya. I have never had a good wax job. Oh and i also have a tweezer happy hand ;)

Abigail's Place said...

They look great in your house & fit so well in your room, definitely a brilliant buy!
I always put the mini bags inside one big bag and then hide it at the back of the wardrobe, same as you a trick I picked up from my mum!

Also on the subject of eyebrows, I get mine threaded sooo much better.

Abigail x

Hilary @ My So-Called Home said...

Love em! So jealous you got two but my husband wouldn't have dismissed it as easily as yours... They look so cute together and they're definitely sturdy enough to stand up to a few leapfrogs :) Oh and I had a bad waxing experience once so I totally understand your situation. They'll grow, don't worry!

April said...

Wahhhh! Those are amazing! Love your decorating style! Its the best to come home and have new packages waiting to be opened! :)


Amy said...

you really made me laugh out loud! I do this all the time with my husband and he has learned my tricks! He just laughs. As far as the waxing, I totally agree. I like my brows a little thicker and they always make them pencil thin! I just started threading and have been very pleased.