May 18, 2011


Have you seen the movie "Rio" yet?  If you don't have kids, you probably haven't...but, I recommend you do anyway.  It is hilarious, has a great cast and soundtrack.  Oh, and the movie is beyond adorable.

Anyhoo, where I am going with this? COLOR!  I am not taking about some pastel, or splashes of color.  I am taking about the bright, bold, beautiful, saturated colors you can find everywhere in Rio de Janeiro. You know, like a rainbow or bag of skittles exploded or something. As I was watching the movie with my boys (and laughing my face really is funny), I was in awe by all the bright colors and it immediately made me want to be Rio, during Carnival. How fabulous would that be?!  Boo-ya.

In honor of this adorable movie, and all the fantastic color that Carnival {and Rio} is so famous for, I was totally inspired by these bright and bold interiors.  I hope you have a great Wednesday! XoX


Wow.  So modern, yet fun.

Hello my dream Pink Palace.

Love the bright bed and simplicity of the room.

Fabulous outdoor space.


I am usually not a huge fan of Orange, but this is done just right.

I LOVE this room.

One of my favorites.


Linh said...

ohhh that pink room is very dreamy. Rio is one of our places to visit in the near future...maybe for the Olympics coming up in a couple years. WONDERFUL pics :) Happy Wed doll!

StarletStarlet said...

Oooh this is a perfect post to start my day. The cheery and bright colors set my mood already - thank you!

Trashy Decor said...

Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous! I LOVE all of the color! What a bunch of beautiful and happy rooms!

Polyvorina said...

Love these bright interiors! And I don't have kids, but you can bet I will be seeing that movie! ;) I find cartoon movies so much more entertaining sometimes and Rio looks hilarious!

Brooklyn said...

That was fun playing hooky for the day and taking the kids to see Rio. I loved it too! Jer said it's his new favorite Disney movie EVER! Such stunning interioirs. I love it!

Katy said...

Love your site! I am following! I am def checking out Rio.

[ keep calm & blog on ] xo Katy

Abigail's Place said...

Great post, haven't seen the film but heard so much about it!
Your images have definelty brightened up my sunless day, love the outdoor space image that would be lovely to have and those multi coloured cabnets are fun!

Abigail x

Anonymous said...

These are so cheery. Love the colors. Regarding the movie-did it have any parts that might be scary for a little one? Last summer I tried taking S to go see a kids movie, and it was too much for him. I had to leave after 15 minutes because he was begging to leave.

Kendall said...

Fun and inspiring! Beautiful rooms!

The Painted Parlor said...

Wowzers! That 'pink palace' is sure somethin- not sure if I'd EVER be that bold ;)

My fav is the green with splashes of yellow and white room!


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Dallas Shaw said...

so fun! the pink one is amazing

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

These photos are wonderful! I haven't seen Rio...but that pink room is a dream-come-true!

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I came across you blog from one of my friends and I love it! I am going to see Rio on Wednesday (I'm bringing my class on a school trip) and you just made me way more excited! I love all of these rooms they are so inspiring! I'm going to follow you to get more inspiration!


Anonymous said...

wow! great photos...inspirations!!!!