June 1, 2011

Inspired by Fire

Part {tre} of my "Inspired by Nature" series of Posts, I decided to let the seriously warm temperatures that never cease to stop rising, be my inspiration.  What is it about Fire {and the color RED, more appropriately} that is so captivating?  Is it because it symbolizes Heat? Power?  Passion? Aggression? Love?

Let me stop here, because as I was thinking about the color Red, I thought to myself "isn't it crazy that a color can symbolize both aggression and love at the same time, so well?".  Honestly, I can't think of another color that symbolizes such vastly different emotions. I mean Yellow doesn't symbolize both happy and sad.  Anyway, sorry for the tangent...just a little randomness (can't escape the habitual sporadic-ness).

Back to Red...I love Red.  It is so bold and beautiful, and I have to admit (sometimes I ponder dyeing my hair Red).  Thank you mother nature for letting us gaze at your blazing Red-rock canyons, your burnt Orange sunsets, and your vibrant Red flower fields...it is amazing, and makes me love the color Red even more (if that is even possible). Happy Wednesday dolls! XoX

This is why I want to dye my hair Red.  Genius girl.


The hippie in me.  I love this.


Love this dresser.


Aren't you lovely and fun.

"Welcome"... don't mind if I do.

So Fabulous.

I. Love. This. Dress.

Well hello there, the most beautiful wall I ever did see.

Every girl needs a pair of Red Boots.  I need {want} some Red Hunters (and blue and pink ones).

Platinum + Red Lips = brilliant.


Alexa said...

Red is probably my favorite color. Love red doors...so cool.

Brooklyn said...

I LOVE that wall! I NEED that dress, and that last photo is so adorable! Red is a GREAT color. Very strong. XOXO

Brooklyn said...

and PS I have ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to paint my front door red.

ashley.warner said...

hope on over to my blog...theres a surprise waiting for you!



Abigail's Place said...

love this post!!
great images that girls hair in red is fabulous who wouldn't love that hair and the dress is gorgeous.
Such a lovely nature post.

Abigail x

Bad Joan said...

Touches are red are perfect everywhere! Love this post.


Jessie said...

Pretty images. Love all the red dresses, the red chair, the sofa, the dresser and the red door!

Red is no doubt a striking and beautiful color, good post!


bruce ♥ chanteal said...

I love red too! By far one of my fav colors. You have great taste.

Marissa said...

Love love LOVE all of the red in these photos! Especially the last one-I so wish I could have platinum hair and wear red nails and lips all the time a la Gwen Stefani. xoxo Marissa


Brynn {chartreuse and a twist} said...

Beauty-full!!! I absolutely love that beach photo with the red skirt... I mean seriously love :)

Tereza said...

LoVe all the pictures of red! one day I will have a red door :)

Tereza said...

LoVe all the pictures of red! one day I will have a red door :)

The Farmers said...

Love that tu-tu and the swimmers with heels!

Kelly said...

I too have always wanted a RED front door! :)

emilie said...

I love this post! It reminds me of why red is my favourite colour (no matter how many "fad" colours I go through - e.g. orange right now!).