August 6, 2011

Oh, Hi.

Hi.  It's know, the blogger of this blog.  Did you think I went MIA?  I kinda did.  Oops.  Back to blogging now...

So, how was the rest of your week?  It is the weekend (finally), boo-ya!  As if you didn't know it is the weekend... don't we all count down the days till the weekend?  Here I am being Capt. Obvious and all.  Duh!

Ok, anyhoo... the giveaway is now closed and the lucky winner of the Sephora Gift card is....Chaille Photography! Congrats.

Remember that little thing on Friday's I post about?  You know, my "loving right now" link list? Well, better late than never... so here you go.

Everything I liked, loved, found fabulous, awesome, brilliant, cool, rad, genius, and lovely.  ENJOY your Saturday peeps.  XoX

* A great pair of pretty flats for the upcoming season.  Find these {via}.

* My friend's line of ties for tots.  Super cute.  Find them {here}.

* Love this. Words to live by...find it {here}.
* Ummm this looks amazing (drooling). Find it {here}.
* August catalog from Free People.  OOZING with inspiration.  I am obsessed. See it {here}.

* Swimming every day with my babes. Awesome.


Jessie said...

Congrats to the winner. By the way, that pizza looks absolutely delicious and I love that quote!

Happy weekend, Brittany.


Stephanie @ henry happened said...

Glad u r back! I love those shoes- ballet flats are the best!! And I must get a tie for Henry!

Windsor Andersen said...

I am glad your back, cause your blog is the first blog I check everyday!

Have a great rest of your weekend.



Bad Joan said...

Great post! That pizza looks amazing!! And that line for tots is adorable! Thanks for sharing.