August 29, 2011

Rocket Man

Hello friends! Ok, so I am feeling like "where do I begin"?  I haven't blogged in over two weeks...I said I would be taking a week off, and then somehow, 7 days turned into 14. Oops. Where does the time go?

I won't bore you with the mundane details of my two week break, but let me put it this way, short and simple...week one was awesome and week two was spent at home in hiding due to strep throat, bronchitis, croup, and pink eye circulating my family.  No joke.  Got to love "back to school germs".  Bleh.

Anyhoo...I did however find some time to make some pretty rad DIY projects over the past few weeks.  One of my favorites was the easy, DIY rocket packs I made for my little superheroes.  I first saw this idea {here}, and thought how simple and awesome this projects was.  I made three packs in a little over an hour and now they are a favorite in my home.  My 4 year old WEARS. IT. EVERYWHERE. Boom.

Here is what you need: (notice the yarn in the picture, just ignore that and pretend it is elastic instead).

* Two large Water bottles
* Black electrical tape (or whatever strong black tape you can find)
* Cut strips of yellow, orange, and red tissue paper
* Hot glue
* reflective or silver wrapping paper
* Elastic strips (to make loops for the arms to go through)
* Good scissors

Step 1) Cut strips of tissue (about 1 inch wide).

Step 2) measure the paper to fit around the bottle (enough over hang to glue a seam)

Step 3) Apply hot glue to the paper and roll the bottle, making it smooth as the paper adheres to the bottle.  Make sure the tip of the cap is hanging out of the paper.

Step 4) put the paper tissue strips on the electrical tape.

Step 5) wrap the tape (with the strips on it) around the cap part of the bottle

Step 6) Repeat steps 2-5 for the second water bottle

Step 7) tape the back of the bottles together to make one pack (I also hot glued in between the two bottles to make it really sturdy).

Step 8) Hot glue elastic strips to make arm holders

Step 9) let it sit and dry for a bit.

Step 10) Blast off!!
My cute nephew ready to roar.
Happy Monday Dolls! XoX


Jessie said...

Welcome back. We missed you! :) I hope everyone in your family is getting better. Love your adorable little project. I bet the little ones are thrilled!

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Brooklyn said...

Oh man is my baby a cutie pie or what?! Love that face, and LOVE that he has the greatest aunty ever!!!!!!! Thos rocketpacks are freaking awesome! Love you sister!

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

What? So clever! And so glad you are back & everyone is feeling better!