September 1, 2011

5 Things

5 Things that made me smile today...
Making Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sun bathing and Water splashing with these monkeys.
My new little vase on an end table.

This little genius before bed.
Heading off to the land of nod...early.
Good night dolls!  See you tomorrow. XoX


Ann said...

Making chocolate chip cookies always make me happy... before, during, and of course after.

And my son always make me feel happy to be alive ... I'm with you there ♥

fashionwise said...

cute vase :-) and it's important to get some sleep !!

have you seen my new post ?

Brooklyn said...

LOVE the anthro vase. And I love the simplicity of this cute little post. XOXO, oh! and love you too sister.