September 15, 2011

Good News

For all of you whom tried to get your hands on some Missoni gear at Target on Tuesday, and were left empty handed and disappointed, there is good news.  I too was trying all morning to get online and order like a crazy cart stayed empty and all I got was a dog on the front page saying the server had crashed, well it said "Suddenly we are extremely popular"...I got the gist of what was going on though.

Anyhoo, so I decided at 8 am to go into my neighborhood Target down the street.  I had to bribe my kids with doughnuts and toy shopping...but nonetheless I was finally on a treasure hunt in the store. Everything was gone, picked over, and again...I was heart broken.  The employee said "you just missed the rush, people were lined up outside at 6am".  Well thanks home girl. Blah.

So the verdict of the alldaytryingtogetonline and madnessinthestore result?! I did score some really cute things.  I am still dreaming about the pillows and sweater throw blanket, and after watching this...I am hopeful that one day they will be sitting pretty on the shelf inside Target, just waiting for me.

So good new awaits my fellow Missoni lovers!  P.S.  Thanks to my good friend Jennifer for sending me this video to make my day!

Click {here} to watch the good news!

So what did I get my hands on you ask?  Here are my goods....Happy Thursday lovelies. XoX
Shower curtain.

Hand towels.




Crib sheets.

PJ shorts.
Iphone Case.


Jessie said...

You definitely scored some great stuff at Target, Brittany! Love those flats and hand towels!


Alexa said...

The hat is my favorite! :)

Abigail's Place said...

I am loving all of the Missoni @ Target posts, but I wish it would come to the UK!
But you did get some great pieces, I love the pumps an PJ shorts!

Abigail x

Brooklyn said...

Shopping spree anyone?!

Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

You totally still scored, lady! I love everything you got, especially those shorts!

Waking Up To This..... said...

Yay this post makes my heart {and closet} happy! I will be checking Target WAYYY more often now

Jackie @ EatLove&Style said...

The Target in my town didn't run out of anything. I will probably pay them a visit today and grab a few things I spotted over the weekend for the tot.