September 29, 2011


Are you over the Ombre craze?  Just getting started with it?  Still loving it?

I am still totally obsessed with Ombre hair.  I am however, over the whole Ombre shower curtain that is EVERYWHERE.

A few Ombre accents that I am still really liking at the moment?  Unexpected OMBRE...think cakes, dressers, DIY ombre mobile (made from free paint swatches, seriously), table settings of flowers in shades that cascade.  I love when people think outside of the box when it comes to trends, and take it a step further.  Enjoy your Thursday!! XoX
Love it.

So pretty.

Too lovely to eat.

Perfectly done Ombre.

Over it.

Ummm yea...totally genius. via
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Gentri said...

I am totally in love with ombré hair and maxi's!! I have ombré hair and found myself saying "I could keep it like this for a LONG time".

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Still love it! That cake is pretty amazing. People are so talented!

Brooklyn said...

Love the new simpilistic approach to your blog. It's lovely! And I also LOVE Ombre hair, Whitney should did it right!!!

Kelly said...

You know how I feel about this!! I have been doing the process to get my hair this way.. (Long process, but worth it) And what is so funny, back when i got married 12 years ago!! my bouqet was ombre pink roses, who knew it would be so popular! I will always love the look!

Danya said...

I love this too! Love the cake! And the great thing about the hair is once you get there, roots are no big deal! :) Every girl loves that, right??

-Danya from

Sunny & Star said...

I agree. So not liking that shower curtain. That cake on the other hand looks heavenly.

Alexa said...

Beautiful. The cake is perfection.