January 26, 2011


I have a ton of upcoming events in the next month: My son Ryder's 1st Birthday, my Twin Sister's Wedding, Valentine's Day, and my 5 year Wedding Anniversary.  So, I have a TON of crafting, doing, and creativity that needs to happen ASAP for all these events.  Today I made a little Inspiration board to remind me to get on top of all that crafting business and  to be inspired by the patterns and colors. I am a total daydreamer and visual person, so when I see something pretty and fun it makes me inspired.  I am now excited and rather than feeling like it is a "to do", I feel like it is time for some "me" time to do what I love to do: BEING CREATIVE!  Stay tuned for all the projects in the next upcoming weeks.  Enjoy! XO

P.S. Another upcoming HUGE project is re-doing my boys separate rooms into a shared room, and then designing an office space in the spare bedroom.  Can't wait for the finished project, stay tuned for before and after!

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Sanchez Gang said...

Hey Brit. I have a project I am working on and need your help. I am starting a large format print design company (which I work for a print and design company) on the side and I need to use your cute house to take some pictures with my prints framed. Of course I would give you whatever prints I use in your Adorable Fashionable home. Let me know if this is something you are interested in. Happy Valentines Day! xxoo, Lacey