January 25, 2011

DIY Scarf Pillows

My inspiration for this week's project was when I peeked through Urban Outfitters Spring preview.  I saw this:
Vintage Scarf Pillow

I love the look of this pillow, but thought to myself "I could totally make this".  Now, just so you know, I am no master when it comes to needle and thread.  I am more like the iron-on lady. It looked like a "no sew" project, so I was in!  I have a drawer in my closet with all my scarves and such, so I went digging through and found some forgotten treasures (I love when that happens)!  I have had a few pillows I wanted to recover anyway, so this project was a winner, not to mention FREE!!! Boo-Ya.

DIY: Scarf Pillows (this will take you the amount of time to put on mascara, awesome).

Step 1: Lay scarf out and place pillow in the middle
Step 2: Bring two sides (opposite of each other) to the middle.  Gather, and tie in a knot.

Step 3: Bring the other two sides together and repeat step 2.
Step 4: Roll in the corners so that the extra material isn't hanging around looking like a mess.  Make the whole thing tidy by tucking, tying, rolling, etc.

Step 5: Finished project! Place wherever you want a cute little Toss Pillow.  Bravo, you made something adorable in less then 5 minutes. (P.S. I love how cute and fresh this Purple Gingham is next to the Turquoise and matching blooms.  This pillow now resides on a side chair in my Dining room. I am a happy girl.) 

More Pillows I made:
LOVE this scarf that I have had for like 6 years. It was just sitting at the bottom of my drawer.  

This scarf wasn't big enough to cover the whole pillow, but since it was a plain white silk pillow to begin with, I just tied it around the middle.  I love the fun vibe and bright colors of this one.

This is my favorite one I made.  First, I love Hot pink and Turquoise together.  Second, I love the fun Geometric print.  Brilliant.

Have fun making your own pillows!!! XO.


Alexandria D. said...

This is perfect and so needed at this moment! And please tell me...is that blue pillow from Target and have a rosette and bird on the front? If so... I have two of them! HAHAHA! And I have my eye on a bedspread from Urban. I have my eye on a few things from there right now! Lol! I am so getting the rug that say "Please don't leave" and the plates with faces on them! Oh my!

Brooklyn said...

B! I'm inspired! You are amazing... come over and decorate my new house! XOXO BRILLIANT LADY, BLOODY BRILLIANT

mandyface said...

this is genius! totally doing this...