January 24, 2011

Lets Talk

Seriously, talk about a hiatus!  Ugh.  I have been M.I.A. from not only the blogging world, but life in general.   My whole family; JDubs, Captain Crazy, Mr. Delicious, and me were all very sick last week.  Thank goodness it wasn't the flu, just a cold that was way nast (short for nasty, ha).  I just realized that I wrote that in a very "Sweet Valley High"way.  Remember those books?  I loved "Sweet Valley High"!  Anyway, excuse the 16 year old valley girl verbiage.  I have tons of postings to catch up on, I need to edit pictures till dawn, and I need to get my life back on schedule...oh, and did I mention my twin sister is getting married in like less then 2 weeks?!  Until then, I hope you have a great week and don't catch the nasty Cold/Flu bugs that are so evilishly (I told you that I like to make my own vocab up) swirling about.
I like to look at this and remember what we all look like dressed and not sick.  Ha.  This past week we were looking more like snotty-nosed, sweat-suit clad, Red-eyed Zombies.  (I should have taken a picture, but it would have scared you).

** On a side note, because of the cold bug that was way nast, I kid you not, we went through 8 Kleenex boxes last week.  That is a whole lot of Tissue!!
Kleenex's new Anti-Viral Tissues.  It kills the Cold & Flu germs in the tissue.  Genius!

** On another side note, you can buy "Sweet Valley High" books on Urban Outfitters right now.  You know, just in case you want to relive your teenage years when you were grounded and had nothing else to do but read in your room and get all nostalgic (no, I am not bitter and no, I wasn't grounded all the time).


Brooklyn said...

Can I say "Let's talk about you"! I love you and my fix from swirls of happy... it really does leave me feeling...well...HAPPY! XOXO sissy! and Yay that everyone is better.

Kelly said...

Can I just say that I was a HUGE Sweet Valley High Fan.. I even watched the show.. And wanted to be them. :) Ohh if only I had a daughter I would buy her all the books to read when she was older. :)
I have seen that trick with the scarves before. I love it.. I just dont have to many scarves.. Maybe I should go to good will or something and pick up some hidden treasures. They just opened a new one @ arizona ave and pecos. I heared it's "Nice". I cant wait to see your sister's wedding pics. So So Happy for her. My blog is Private but I would love to invite you. Just email me and I will. kellycscott@hotmail.com

Julie Chesley said...

sorry to hear you were sick the Chesley's got it too it sucks. Glad you are better see you next week at the wedding. Love the blog - you rock

Swirls of Happy said...

Thank you Julie!!! xo

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a blast from the past...I loved Sweet Valley High!

Your little munchkins are adorable.