February 22, 2011

Time goes fast

When I was pregnant with my first,  they (other parents)  would always say "take each moment and savor it, time goes fast".  Let me tell you, they were right!  Ugh.  Time seems to move faster than we can imagine at times and I wish I could make it stand still.  Lately I have been catching myself thinking "I love this moment right now, I want to remember this". My calm and simple days with my little monsters; playing cars, building Lego towers, making forts, and blowing bubbles outside.  Chubby and rosy cheeks, stubby little hands that live to explore and learn, sweet angelic pure faces, and giggles that make my heart melt. TIME. STAND. STILL.  From one momma to the next, I am sure you feel the same way. XoXo

Every afternoon

Mr. Delicious

My world

Captain Crazy

Trains are his favorite

Brother love while driving

Those eyes


Anonymous said...

That is exactly how I feel. My little-est one will be turning one in a few weeks, and my oldest will be turning four. Where has the time gone?

Thanks for the reminder to slow down, and savor the moments.

Swirls of Happy said...

Your kids are the exact same ages as mine! Isn't it such a fun time. Bentley will be four in April and Ryder turned one in January. I think it is a perfect age gap. :)

Kelly said...

I feel the exact same way! I hate how fast Aviana is growing. Everyday I wish life would slow down just a bit so I can take in more of every moment! aah!

Kelly said...

This is SO TRUE Brittney! Savor and Enjoy the little time we have with them when they are with us! They grow so Very fast! Harley just turned 11!! Ryker is 6!!And my baby Talan is 2!! Were did the time go.
I love the picture of your oldest playing trucks on the sidewalk. That reminds me of my boys. Self entertaining. Your boys are so lovely! cute little brunettes.

ps. Your sis did'nt make it to church! :( sad for me. Tell her it is stake conf this sunday. so thats a free ditch pass in my opinion. :)

Lindsey said...

Your boys are so darling! I hope you can remember all the little moments!

Nellie said...

Gawd I love boys! Ryder is so stinkin adorable and I am insanely jealous of his hair (for his age). Sonny bunny is still pretty bald, but I see his fuzz getting longer everyday..lol!! What did we do before kids? Thats what I want to know, my lifes purpose began 6 months ago and I can hardly wait to see what it has to bring.