February 24, 2011

Skip a beat

This post is simply a list of some of my favorite new things that make my heart skip a beat, things I can't live without daily, and things that I am wishing for! Enjoy and Happy Thursday. Xo

Can't imagine days without these monsters {Capt. Crazy & Mr. Delicious}

Whimsical, colorful, I WANT IT! Find it here

Can't live without this guy {Hubby} by my side.  He definitely makes my heart skip a beat.

How cute are these measuring cups?!  LOVE them.Find it here

This puppet is too cute, and I like that it doesn't look like a puppet. Find it here

I love anything Grey, and this would look amazing in my room..hmmm. Find it here

Cute Melon Hooks for a pop of color.  Adorable. Find it here

Ear candy!  I listen to this album EVERYDAY! listen here

I just bought these for my bed.  I couldn't resist, so fun!  Find it here

Sweet little rug. Love this sentimental statement. Find it here

LOVE this! Colorful, Vintage inspired, and the perfect jewelry catchall. Find it here

I'm trying to convince my hubby that we really need in our Family room. Ha.Find it here

How gorgeous is this Abalone bowl?!  I'm drooling over here. Find it here

My main makeup "go to" A little of this, some mascara, and blush and that is my daily face. Find it here

My sister gave me a sample of this and it smells YUMMY! The adorable bottle looks awesome too.Find it here

I can't live without this.  Amazing! Find it here


Kelly said...

Love Morracon oil! Cant live with out it either! And I have been Drooling over that bed spread for a while now too. I found a look alike @ tj max one day but it was a Queen, no luck for a king so far. And it was 70$ for everything.. And thx for the reminder that Urban outfitters is still around. I always forget about them. Prob cause I only shop at forever 21 cause that's all i can afford these days. :(

Anonymous said...

So many favorites-I like the bedspread, the mirror, measuring cups, and the rug. What perfume is that? I clicked on the link and it just took me to Sephora, and a perfume search *only* showed 1,876 results... :)

Swirls of Happy said...

Kelly, I am TOTALLY a forever21 gal. What did we do before that store exsisted?! TJ Maxx is awesome and don't get me started on Home Goods!!

Swirls of Happy said...

It's the Hello Kitty Perfume. It just came out and it smells so good and lasts too :)

Nellie said...

I have to agree with you on the Gray thing, I just bought new winter gloves (gray) and my sonny bunny boy a cute outfit with gray striped pants. Whats the morrocan oil for? Thanks for the fun post, I have been thinking about how much time flies too, its been 6 months since I gave birth to Anthony, a.k.a.: sonny bunny boy and I feel like everyday I have to write about the day because I don't want to forget a single moment! THank GOD for cameras, internet and blogging. LOL!

modern jane said...

I love the bowl and jewelery stand! So great! And I also can't live without moroccan oil.. the best!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Love all of this! that picture of the boys is too adorable! I have been hearing a lot about Moroccan oil... I need to try this!