March 10, 2011

The good, the bad, & food

Ok, remember my last post about Capt. Crazy being sick and missing out on my little weekend away with the baby daddy(hubby)?  Well last minute on Friday night, we decided that since the Capt. was on the mend from the antibiotics, we should at least go away for a night (I mean who wants to waist free flights?), certainly not this girl! So Saturday morning off we went to San Diego to visit the spot we got married, on the Beach on Coronado Island. We had such a fun time the two days we were there, but it is always nice coming back to our humble abode.

The Good: Having alone time with my love where we got married, sleeping in, staying up {too} late, shopping, and exploring (my favorite).  Seriously, sometimes I feel like a girl version of Huckleberry Finn. You know, a female explorer ; clad with a very cool fedora, notebook in hand, fabulous gladiator sandals and a pink beach cruiser to get around on. I would explore outdoors all day if I was allowed the leisure and time.  I think that is why I love having two boys so much, sometimes we go on "nature walks" for hours and just see what treasures await us!

The Bad: Being away from Capt. Crazy & Mr. Delicious.  It is always hard for me to leave them, and I always cry {at least once} while I am away, but nevertheless it is amazing coming home refreshed and ready to see those sweet, chubby faces.

The Food: What post would be complete without food?!  Oh my gosh did I EAT or did I EAT?! Yes I did...all weekend long and I LOVED every minute of it with no regrets.  Let me put it this way, I gained 3 pounds in one weekend, Bam.

Sum up of the Weekend:

alone time airport Beautiful weather beach California coast defenseless seagulls eating all day even tan lines farmers market ferry boat rides fudge frozen yogurt
Gorgeous skies giant blister happy memories happier tummy hotel Ice Cream just enough sleep kite flying kiss with a fist love lust laughing hysterically more food 
movies no schedule old trolleys pizza pizza pizza purple flowers queen for a day rocky jetty rockstars really loud music sushi shopping side splitting talking tans unfamiliar territory vagabonds west coast Xanadu zebra stripes and Zeppelin

Cutest little Fudge Shop
Brilliant piece of Art
I love old Navy planes...
and old Trolleys...
but I don't love old men with really short shorts
Vintage clock? yes, please
 Purple Flowers a plenty
Vintage Lifeguard tower, Boo-ya
Pier Lovin
Sailboats galore


Nellie said...

Way cool! I finally found someone else who got married where we did! We married 09-16-06, how about you guys? I have to admit I am a much bigger fan of FL beaches than san diego beaches. Probably b/c I lived there for four years. THanks for sharing!

Julie Chesley said...

sounds delicious - love it :)

Lindsey said...

Looks like a great getaway!

Brooklyn said...

So happy you went!!!!!