March 4, 2011

Bike Love

Is everyone else beyond elated that Spring is literally around the corner??!!  Ahhh!  The Cherry Blossoms on our street are in full bloom, I wore a tank top yesterday, I have a tan line {sort of} and I almost contemplated buying this years swimsuit today (then decided not too after realizing that I ate 4 cookies, 3 slices of cake, and obscene amounts of carbs this week).  Don't judge, and no I am not kidding.  Normally I eat so healthy but lately all I want is "really bad for you" food.  Alas, I will loose those last 5 baby pounds before Summer and I am swearing off {eating less} cookies. Ugh.  Anyway, sorry about my detour off of my favorite, beloved season: Spring! But seriously, lets face it, no one likes to shop for a swimsuit (Unless your Giselle).  Ok, I am done with my tangent.  So, along with my love of Spring is my love of Bicycles.  Seriously, I wish I lived on the beach in SoCal solely for the purpose of pedaling my Beach Cruiser on the Boardwalk.  Well, and for other reasons; a 24/7 tan, phenom weather, the laid-back and who cares lifestyle, hot Surfers everywhere (to name a few).  I have been coming across some adorable trends with Bicycles as the focus lately and I hope you enjoy this trend as much as I do.

P.S. on a side note, I should be in San Diego with my baby daddy as we speak, but unfortunately Capt. Crazy decided to get a double ear infection and have a 103 degree temp. (sigh), motherhood called and the flights were cancelled, boo.  Hopefully I can make up a weekend away with my love in April and tag along to NYC with him.  Ok, now really, enjoy this amazing weather and go spend the weekend outside! XoX

How adorable is this Bicycle planter from PotteryBarn! I really wish I had this in my backyard.
I love this throw pillow.  Find it here

I ordered this print for my parents (they are avid bike riders and racers).  They loved it!  You can personalize it and buy it Here

Love this little rug from Urban Outfitters.  Buy it here

A picture of my bike I got for Christmas last year (except mine has a white basket on the front).  I am in love with it and ride it almost everyday.

Go to this Etsy shop here.  You will be inspired by the vintage prints!
Cute welcome mat, perfect for saying "come in" during Spring and Summer.  Find it here


Anonymous said...

Your pink bike is adorable! Is it a beach cruiser? Jealous about the sun, and almost tan line (loved that line) :)

Here, as guest were leaving snowflakes were falling. I'm ready for spring!!!

P.S. regarding your love for all things bike related- have you seen these on etsy? I know it isn't the exact style of your bike, but I'm sure they make them in any style...

I thought these were so cute-

and this one ( I would change the hands to pink or aqua

Kelly said...

I went to Joes farm house friday and got a major tan line!! Lay out season is among us.. So excited! Wem must enjoy this great weather before it gets to hot!
We love family bike rides. Maybe during spring break you and your sis can meet me @ my splash pad park. The kids could play and we can get some sun and chat.
ps. I make your banana muffins every week! I LOVE them. I like them with no choc chips. :)

Kelly said...

* I just was @ hobby lobby, and they had a similiar bike planter like the PB one. It was like 65$. Maybe thats cheaper then the PB one.

Jenna Lee said...

just caught up on your blog....I love it, I love all the fun ideas!! Are we ever going to get our boys together and play??

Lisa said...

Brittany- you are so dang cute. I love your blog. Can't wait to see you Monday, doll. xo