March 23, 2011

Rearrange or Deranged?

I rearranged.  What's new.  I have a problem.  There I admitted it, and isn't that the first step? Ha.  Seriously though, I rearrange weekly and the hubs jokingly says "let me know when your done so I can putty and paint".  Ouch.  He says it sweetly and lets me divulge in my never ending insanity that is rearranging rooms, but deep down I know he is serious.  Oh well.  So like I said, I rearranged.  Remember my Little Book Nook, well I wanted to put the big leather chair (which is NOT one of my favorite things in this house) in his office.  Let me just say that I loathe this chair.  It was the hubs when he was a bachelor, and he has yet to be able to part with it.  Talk about baggage, I'm kidding.  But really, what you gonna do?  Oh, put it in his "man cave".  Done.  So, I had a big open space to work with.  Now, I would love to get a new dreamy chair like this for the space:
Heaven, and how amazing would this look with my Robin's Egg Blue Ottoman?
ZGallerie Chair
My Ottoman.  My favorite place to rest my feet.
Urban Outfitters

Nothing mellow about this Yellow

But until that happens, this is where it stands today:

Books and Yellow Tulips.  These things make me happy.

Pop culture anyone?

I love my little Charlie Chaplin in this painting

A daily reminder. "Smile".  This frame was ugly brown and Gold and I just spray painted it a winter Grey and framed this piece of paper I found in my Scrapbook Paper collection.

See the empty corner in the far left?  That is where a big chair will go.  I also need to change the Window Panels for sheer white ones, and some more moving around accessory in progress.

Target Pillows.  Cheap and Adorable, that's how I roll. And this is now where I read my little treasures.  I want to re-upholster this in an Ivory Cotton.
And since I moved my little Sideboard table from the space for the larger dresser, I put the sideboard in my breakfast nook.  It fits perfect, and I like it much better.
I love my little Sideboard. I still need to change the knobs. Anthro here I come!

Where we begin our day, usually with a mouthful of Waffles.

My new little addition to the Breakfast Nook.  I found her for $1.99 at Michaels.  


Anonymous said...

First things first. You are offiically my blogosphere sister, save the polar opposite of hair colors... I am constantly re-arranging things around our living room. He learned early on that I was quite capable of moving anything heavy -couches, bookshelves, you name it-by sitting on the floor and pushing it with my legs. Mr. MBL also let me know that he is not particularly fond of spackling and re-painting all the times I reposition artwork, and frames.

Regarding the chair-for a second I thought you were saying his leather chair was the white chair directly under the post, and I couldn't figure out why you didn't like it. ;)

That is my favorite-the white chair with the ottoman. Very nice. Oh, and p.s. I love target for treasures for the house. Is that where you got the candle stands?

Kelly said...

So CUTE! I LOVE it.. I Love to Re Arrange too. I can remember as a teen changing my room weekly. Putting my bed in a diff spot was my favorite! Now my bedroom furniture is to heavy for me to move. :(
I LOVE all the turqouise! It's my fav color.. Travis's mom says I was an Idian princess in my 1st life so that is why im attracted to it! (Ask Brooke about my Mother in Law) xo

Nellie said...

You amaze me with your decorating talents. I like to look at other peoples homes and how they put it together. You definitely need to do this for a living someday (if you don't already do or have done). How in the heck do you keep the boys from breaking stuff? I'm a clutz, so needless to say, I'm not a woman who has nice things around. LOL!

Brooklyn said...

Kelly! I love you, indian princess and all! and Sis, LOVE this post. Your house always makes me happy!!!!!!

modern jane said...

It's really all coming together! Love your little bird:) Good find!