April 5, 2011


Thanks to two awesome new blogging friends, I was awarded the "Stylish Blogger award" by both of them! First, my computer sister (we have a ton in common) over at My Beautiful Life awarded me, and then Amy over at Brushed Satin  shared the love.  Both women are inspiring and so sweet.  Amy at Brushed Satin is a Physical Therapist and Marathon extraordinaire.  Seriously, talk about an accomplished lady and she has a fabulous blog as well filled with tons of must read posts...is there anything she can't do? She rocks!  Go check out her blog, you will be happy you did :).  My computer bonding gal pal, at My Beautiful Life is an amazing person and her blog is phenomenal as well.  I am thrilled that she found me in this blogging world, because she is aw-some.  Her blog is filled with positive insight and always has such upliftings and fun posts.  Go check her out.  P.S. She is a very talented artist and has two adorable boys.  Oh, and she can play the piano backward?! What! I know, pretty cool.  Thanks ladies, you made my day (and week) and you both inspire me! XoX

Rules of the Award:
* Link Back to the Blogger that gave the Award
* Share 7 things about myself
* Award 10 other Bloggers

Where do I begin with 7 interesting (or not) things about myself?  I live a pretty simple life so I hope I don't bore you...

1.  I have an identical twin sister.  She is my best friend and the one person that I can count on no matter what (even more than my husband sometimes). She is my rock and I love her beyond words...I seriously don't know what I would do if I didn't have a twin, like I said, she is FABULOUS!

2.  I have been singing and playing the piano since I was a little girl.  My first job was teaching Piano lessons and I love anything musical.  In fact, instead of playing Lego's and cars, I usually persuade my boys to play "band" with me and we rock out with our plastic music instruments.  It has always been my dream to be a singer/songwriter, but I think my time has past (I am almost 30, ha).

3.  I have moved 20 times since I graduated High School.  I wish I was joking but I'm not.  I loathe moving, but have gotten very good at it.  I hope the next time we move will be the last for many, many years.  All you moms know how annoying it is to move with babes (their toys are endless).

4.  I have been attacked by a Stingray.  Well "attacked" seems a little harsh, I mean I was the one invading his space in the Ocean, so I guess he was just using self-defense.  It is a long story, but let me put it this way: A long barb in one end of my ankle and out the other made for a very interesting month in California.  I couldn't walk for a couple weeks (crutches and sand don't mix) just saying.  The crazy part though?  When my wounds did heal and I was able to get in the water again, I never hesitated and wasn't scared a bit.  My love of the Ocean is like my love for my own children (kind of).

5.  I think I was a hippie in another life.  That sounds weird, maybe I should say that I wish I could be a hippie.  Ha.  There is something about their care-free, organic, simple life the really pleases me.  In fact, I try daily to devise a plan for my family and I to move to a ranch in a Hawaii where I can live in my long maxi dresses, hair flowing with flowers, and no makeup all while my boys run around Tom Sawyer style, just being boys and playing outside with the fresh, salt air in their face. Oh, and of course  I would sew our own clothes and grow our own veggies and fruits.  Do you think different of me know?  Really though, I am a hippie at heart.

6.  I have a very weird obsession with wanting to be Italian.  Remember this post? I have 0% Italian in my blood, but I like to pretend I do.  

7.  I am STILL in school.  I took some time off between getting married and having my first son, so now I am back in the saddle and slowly pushing forward and trying to complete my goal of getting my Masters degree in English, so that I can teach one day after my kids are older.  It is hard some days when I have other stuff I want to do while my kids nap (like taking a shower or cleaning the house) you know, fun stuff...haha.  It is worth is though and I am a HUGE advocate of education!

Ok, now on to awarding ten lovely bloggers:

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Brooklyn said...

I got teary-eyed about the twin remark...Thanks sissy :) you are my solid ground as well! Love you, and I'm proud of you! XOXO

Anonymous said...

I LOVED reading this. What are you talking about not wanting to bore?!

Nothing was boring. Twin sister, and identical at that? Awesome. Sting Ray story? I have NEVER heard of anyone being attacked other than the animal guy. Now I know two. That is nice that you could play, and sing. My little sister would tell me to shut up when I tried because it was so awful. Seriously. You should post a song on here!

Wow. You've moved a lot!

I was laughing out loud with thinking your time has past, especially with 30, and with the Italian comment. I really should have been Italian.

Love that you are a hippie (of sorts) :)

So cute. Thanks for the read. It was wonderful!!!

We really do have a lot in common.

Abigail's Place said...

Just come on to catch up on your post today and first of all huge congratulations on your double nomination, you have a lovely homely blog that I love visiting so thoroughly deserved!

An then I noticed that you had so kindly nominated me for the Stylish Blogger Award thank you so much! You have made my day I am so pleased that I am one of your nominations! I will keep you updated when I do my post.

Love following your blog would love it if you followed me.

Abigail x

Hyphen Interiors said...

Aww, I didn't even know I was on here until I got to the bottom. Thanks!! I love your writing - very easy to read. Not too long, yet good info. You made me want to check out those other two blogs right away! Loved your facts! I can relate to the moving thing - I think I've moved about that many times, too. Crazy. Hoping not to move again for a while! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and leaving such a sweet comment! I really appreciate it.

Amy said...

Brittany, you seriously made me blush! Aren't these blog friendships fun? Anways, loved reading your 7 facts. Always cool to find out more about the person behind the computer screen. Kudos for getting back into the ocean, I would have avoided it like the plague!