April 6, 2011

DIY Food Place Cards

I love little details when it comes to a dinner party, a wedding reception, a baby shower, etc.  I think that name place cards always add a personal touch, and when my sister got married a couple months ago she asked if I would make food place cards for the reception.  They had amazing Italian food catered at the reception (her husband is Italian), so she wanted food place cards in front of the items along the banquet table.  These are the food place cards I made:

She had Damask as the main Pattern for the reception and the colors were Black, White, and Tiffany Blue.

They were super simple and relatively fast to make.  This is what you will need:

* Zots (flat, double stick circles)
* Place Cards (I found the Damask ones in the Bridal isle at Michaels)
* Distress Ink (Scrapbook section at craft store)
* Scalloped edge scissors
* Pearl brads (Scrapbook section at craft store)
* Paper flowers (Scrapbook section at craft store, they come in various sizes and colors)

1) Type out names (for name or food place cards) in a simple word doc and print.
2) Cut out each name with scalloped edge scissors so that you have individual little labels
3) Apply Zots to the back of each name and adhere to the card stock (this comes with the place card package)
4) Distress both the outer card stock and the name label with distress ink.
5) place zots on the card stock and adhere to the large place card (the damask print place card) and fold where indicated so that you have a finished place card that stands.
6) Distress the larger Place card if desired.
7) Assemble flowers:
    * Take a large and small flower and place pearl brad through the middle of the small one and then connect it to the large one to make one large flower (as shown above on food place cards).
    * Place a zot to the back of the now connected flower and adhere it to the Place card where desired.  I switched it up and added them to different spots on the place cards so that it wasn't completely uniform.
8) Stand back and admire.

I also used some of the same products to make food and name place cards for a dinner party I held in her honor before the wedding.  I used the same color scheme (to go with the upcoming wedding colors) and used Tiffany Blue Card stock instead of the damask place cards, and then used Martha Stewart paper mini doily's to hand write the names (all found at Michaels).


Anonymous said...

Brittany, these are so pretty. What a fantastic idea. I love when I see how someone came up with a solution to save money. Your sister must have been ecstatic, and we already know (being wanna be Italians, and all) that the food was amazing. ;)

modern jane said...

Wow you did such a great job! You sister must have been thrilled:)

Brooklyn said...

I was thrilled! Britt, you truly are the most talented and lovely entertainer! I can not thank you enough for your amazing work at the wedding and bridal party. I love you I love you I love you!

Miss Walker said...

These are so gorgeous! Really gorgeous blog, now following! Miss Walker xoxo

Hyphen Interiors said...

Those are awesome! I love the amount of detail... I'm going to copy this to a file in case I need it. :)