April 27, 2011


One word: Etsy.  Etsy is where I get most of the Prints in my home (besides the large artwork pieces and family pics of course).  Anyhoo, practically everyone knows about Etsy at this point and can we just say "I love Etsy" all together?!  It is the best!  Etsy has everything under the sun and a plethora of awesome digital prints from various sellers.  Here is a print-ilicious tour of the Etsy prints in my home.  Enjoy and I hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday. XoX
I thought this was a great print positioned between pics of my two "sunshines" (my kids). 

It is hung going up the stairs, so I see it a million times a day, it makes me smile. You can buy one here.

I love this print at the top of the stairs in the Loft, and it is the perfect Yellow!  

You can buy one here.

In the boys bedroom, above Mr. Delicious Crib.  I love this, it is so whimsical and cute and it goes fabulous with their pillowcases I recently bought, found here.

Buy your own fun print here.

This is such a sweet print and one of my favs. This is in the boys bedroom and you can customize colors, names, and silhouettes.

It is in the boys bedroom on their dresser.  Buy one here.

On a dresser in my bedroom.  It reminds me daily to do what I love each morning.

Buy one here.
Another favorite in my home.  Actually it is THE favorite!  I ordered one for my sister when she got married and I have 3 friends who have purchased one since seeing it in my home.

Customize initials, colors, and birds.  The baby birds in the nest (representing my babies) are my favorite part.  A modern spin on the "family tree".  It is in my dining room since that is where we have our family meals.  Buy one here.

P.S.  Once I get to 50 followers I will be celebrating and having my first giveaway which may include one of the above prints (hint, wink)!!!

On another note, remember my love for knobs?  And for urban outfitters?  Well, Urban Outfitters now sells Knobs! BAM.


Ashleigh said...

Etsy prints are the best ;)
I have a 'You are my sunshine' print in our house. That song is so special to me and I love seeing it every day. That mustache print is too cute!

Amy said...

too funny that we did such a similar post! I love these prints, especially the "love" ones. I could spend hours on Etsy!

Ashley said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! your house looks so lovely! And i love the sunshine print...so cute! I'll be heading over to Etsy now;)

Anonymous said...

I love etsy. There is so much creative talent on there, and most of it is affordable. I just recently got a print that I was ecstatic to receive.

P.S. We both pops of turquoise in our home. It is such a fun color. I love it.

Brooklyn said...

That mustache print is the greatest! SO clever with the mustache pillow cases. LOVE! and My print you gave me is my absolute fav! Thanks Sissy! oh yes, one more thing "I LOVE ETSY" and "I LOVE those knobs"! XOXO-Happy Wednesday

Fash Boulevard said...

oooo i love the one over the crib and the rings are perfection. love this. thanks for another inspired post. if you get a free second stop by and check out pics from LA's hottest event held last night. The fash is bananas. xoxo


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Ms.Cupcake said...

LOVIN your blog! Thanks for the visit! I am following you now :) Such a sweet fam you have!

Talk soon!


modern jane said...

I honestly don't know what we'd do without etsy! It's incredible what you can find!

Angie said...

Fabulous post. You have a lovely home. I'm flattered to see my 'You Are My Sunshine' print hanging on your wall! :)


Kimberlee said...

I'm in love with that "someday I'll grow a mustache print". So dang cute!

Chelsea said...

how funny, I have the exact same yellow LOVE print in my family room. That mustache print is super cute.

Kelsey said...

lovely blog! lets be friends, follow me and see what i wear every wardrobe wednesday! xoxo


p.s. i need those drawer knobs!!

Katie said...

hey, what size print did you get to go in that black ikea frame?

Swirls of Happy said...

16X20 and then I just cut it to size to fit the Oval.