April 28, 2011

Style Crush: Sienna Miller

I have always had a crush on Sienna Miller's style.  It is so effortless and Boho-Chic, which is my favorite. If I could have the closet combination of Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, and Rachel Bilson, then I would be one lucky {and very fashionable} lady!
Loving all these

A black tee and jeans never looked so great.  You always need several great t's.  I  buy the Gap Favorite T in the basic colors.  They go with everything and are just the right length with the perfect amount of slouch!

The best Spring ensemble.  Undone boots and a sundress.

Knit beanies are my FAV and with a cropped Blazer and awesome boots= Fabulous

I wear scarfs with everything and a pop of color is always a great idea.

The cropped skinnies and flats with an over sized boyfriend cardi. This is my go to outfit during the fall.

effortless and beautiful

LOVE this outfit.  I am def a shorts girl and I think I might just have to channel this inspiration for my date night outfit this weekend.

I love boots.  I should just start wearing them everyday. 
This hat!  Perfect. Can you imagine it with a sundress or swimsuit?!

I love cropped skinnies with flats and a statement belt.
Moving on... to Lunch Hour! I know, totally random how I went from fashion to food, but hey, I am hungry and my mind is really sporadic most of the time (so keep up). Kidding.

I am always looking for fast, easy, and Delicious lunch ideas.  Remember, I am a stay-at-home mom, so most of the time my kids are eating Turkey Sandwiches, Tuna, and Chicken Nuggets (not a huge fan, except for the Tuna).  Anyhoo, today I made something so easy and delicious.  I was at home with the kids (what's new) and I had some Focaccia bread that I needed to use and I always have Campari tomatoes and a basil plant, so I thought I would make Bail and Tomato Focaccia.  It was so heavenly that I didn't want my last crumb to vanish.  I love making new things with stuff I already have on hand!  I can foresee this baking in the oven very frequently over here in my kitchen, along with these... which I have already made twice this week (because my kids and husband ate the first batch in a couple hours) and because I just love these little Bran muffins {too} much (I am snacking on one as I type)!

Always on my counter, yum.

Excuse the bite, I couldn't help myself...I had to try it before I took a pic!

Basil and Tomato Focaccia
Two long slices of Fresh Focaccia Bread (cut in half)
Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Parmesan and Mozzarella Cheese (fresh and shredded, not grated)
1/2 Garlic Clove (minced)
Basil leaves (fresh)
Baby Spinach leaves (fresh not frozen)
3 Campari Tomatoes

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Foil line a baking sheet and place the Focaccia slices on it. Drizzle some Extra-Virgin Olive Oil on both slices of the bread and the freshly minced garlic clove.  Sprinkle shredded Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese (to your liking) over the bread.  Bake in the oven till the cheese in nice and bubbly and bread is Golden (about 10 min).  Take out of the oven, and while the bread is still warm, top with baby spinach leaves, fresh basil leaves, and sliced Campari Tomatoes.  YUMMMM!!!!  It is so good and would make a delicious dinner served with grilled Chicken Breasts.  Enjoy your Thursday and Boo-Ya for tomorrow being FRIDAY!!!

P.S.  If you are like me and always have Tomatoes and Basil in your kitchen, then here is another recipe you can whip up in a snap.  Find it Here!


Kelly said...

Looks AMAZING! I love fresh Basil! I need to buy a plant.. I keep eying one @ sprouts, but never get it.. I NEED to.

Tiffany Ashley said...

First off- Adorable Blog...I just stumbled upon Swirls of Happy!!

I swear Sienna ALWAYS gets it right!! Style Icon for sure!!



Miss Cossey said...

I love love love Sienna's style as well! She's gorgeous and so inspirational!
Love your blog as well! So cute!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

Just found your blog. Super cute! LOVE Sienna Miller and her fashion sense. Keep these posts up : )