May 9, 2011

Giveaway Winner & Weekend Recap

I hope all the moms out there had a very well deserved day of rest and relaxation!  My boys didn't disappoint and it was nice to have a day to take a long (uninterrupted) shower, read my mag (in silence), and spend time with my loved ones (the best kind of day).  
Ok, on to the Winner.  I am excited to announce that my first giveaway has ended and a random winner was chosen!  
So, without further adieu, the Winner is.....
Comment #4!!

I am so excited that Randi over at Eye See blog won.  Go check her blog out, it is awesome.  Her photog skills rock, and she has an eye for all things adorable.  Randi, email me so you can pick the color combo you want (  YAY!  For all of you that didn't win, there is going to be another giveaway next month that includes another print that I featured here...So stay tuned.  Oh, and this month an awesome giveaway I am excited about may include something featured here (hint and wink). Lots to be looking forward to my fabulous blog-licious friends.

P.S.  In honor of post-mommy day, I had to talk about this book by Piper Weiss.
Honestly, what a fabulous idea for a book.  It embodies the simple fact that out moms aren't just "our moms".  When we are younger, we see them as our peanut-butter sandwich maker, our laundry go to lady, our homework helper, and our chauffeur.  As we mature however, we start to see that they aren't just these things, but they are these fabulous, stylish, bold, beautiful women. This book is amazing and I don't know about you, but as I have come across old photos of my mom when she was younger, I have thought to myself "I wish she would have saved those awesome bell bottom jeans for me"!  My mom was such a stylish fashionista with her hippie style and long blond hair.  Today, she still is my style icon, but in other ways.  Her never-ending smile, her giving hands, and her bright eyes that shine, and even her lovely smile lines (that show just how happy she truly always is). Thank you mom for being my style icon from the inside-out.  I love you.
My beautiful mom with my twin sister and I

This book also reminded me to not just feel like a slumpy "stay-at-home" mom. Which I tend to feel like a lot these days.  I need to remember that it is ok to get dolled up (even if we are just going to chik-fil-a) and enjoy it.  It is fun to go to a fashion show (even if the fashion show is you walking down the hallway {runway} at home for your kids).  Be a style icon and have fun doing it.  Don't let being a mom and having mundane daily tasks and a busy life stop you.  Enjoy every moment and remember that the best accessory you put on is a giant, happy smile.  Enjoy your Monday!! Here is a weekend recap via pics.... XoX.

The art of the burrito.

I see you.
Mama & her Monkeys.

lonely stools.

Captain Crazy & Mr. Delicious.


Kelly said...

Love your Mom! And Love you and your Twin! So happy you had a great Mothers day! You look so pretty with your boys! I love your necklace!
Please give your mom my love!xoxo

Brooklyn said...

Love this never dissapoint. Mom does have the most genuine smile. I love that picture. Love you and I love mom. XOXO sissy! I have a yummy treat to drop off later :)

Young People in Love said...

Your boys are DARLING! Holy moly.

also- in case you didn't already're totally a bomb rockin babe mom! jeeze louise. no fair ;)

Trashy Decor said...

Gorgeous picture of you, your mom, and Brooke. I love old pictures and I love seeing my mom when she was younger, too.

You ALWAYS look beautiful and completely put together. I have never seen you look anything less. I haven't even seen you with chipped nail polish before! Haha!

I am glad you had a good Mother's Day! Enjoy your week!

Randi Gardner said...

Oh I LOVE that picture of you and your monkeys! Also, I love your editing, it is very original! And thank you for the compliment and most of all, I am SO excited I won! I am using "You are my Sunshine" as part of little J's first birthday party... and I often sing that to him. It is very sentimental to me! Thank you for the giveaway!

Harija said...

COngrats to the winner and great photo of you and your mom!

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