June 9, 2011

Happy Girl

Want to know what made me very happy today?  The hubs and I decided to take a random vacay to Cali with the babes.  We are leaving next week and feeling the warm sand on my soles {and having my soul smile} can't come soon enough.

I need the waves.  I need the simplicity.  I need the ocean.

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♥ joei said...

I miss Cali! Have fun on your beach trip! Its raining on and off in our side of the world but were hoping for more sunshine so we can have another beach trip :)

Definitely, Maybe

Kelly said...

Awww So fun! I will be there in 2 weeks, & I am SO looking forward to the sand between my toes and in my kids hair! I love the sand! Love you

amy b.s. said...

a vacation sounds perfect right now.