June 10, 2011

Loving Right Now

Hello lovelies! Hope you have all had a great week thus far and your Friday is ah-maz-in.

Time for my "Loving Right Now" link list of things I find so brilliant, lovely, fabulous, fun, and totally awesome.  Enjoy today and your weekend! XoX

What I am loving this week:
Adam Levine.  Where do I begin?!  How about I make it simple; He. Is. Yummy.

*Coldplay's new Single is phenomenal.  Like we would except anything less from these masters of music.

* Anthro is having an extra 25% of their sale right now. Hello new wardrobe.

Little Kitten Homemade makes the best buntings!  Just bought the one pictured for Capt. Crazy's room and I love it.

* Did you see this DIY idea on Poppytalk yesterday?  So doing this.

*Twirl, by Kate Spade is one of my new Favorite perfumes. It is so light and fresh, perfect for Summer.

* Shabby Apple's new "Set Sail" Collection is just lovely.

* I am just smitten with these Portable Grills.  They are so cute and convenient! BBQ on the Beach...done!

Ice Cream Party for adults?!  Yes please. Seriously awesome.


The Painted Parlor said...

You're so cute! All these things just scream summer! love it!


Alexa said...

ooho Twirl by Kate Spade...want to check that out!

Ann said...

Oh I love what you're loving too ♥

Love Adam Levine...
still have to try that new Kate Spade scent... and I say I must ♥

Brooklyn said...

I almost bought that dress the other day. It is fabulous. Great loving right now finds

Cat said...

Doesn't that Twirl perfume come in the most amazing packaging ... I would buy it just to have the chance to look at that prettiness sitting on my dresser each morning!

Please count me in for that icecream party ... yumm!!!!

xx Cat brideblu

Jessie said...

That Kate Spade perfume bottle looks very pretty...I have yet to check out the scent....Anyway, I don't mind buying it (during sales) just for looks! :)


Abigail's Place said...

goregeous images!
loving coldplay too, this we have agreed on!
an the ice cream parlour is fabulous, i'd have one in my home.

have a great weekend too.

Abigail x

Design Elements said...

summer love! happy weekend

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

love these! x hivenn

MM said...

Thank you so much for your sweet visit! Follow you back!

Love all those things you mentioned here!!


Jen said...

Ok girl, you nailed it on this post!! I love all these things!!

Happy Weekend! xo

Taghrid said...

i want a portable grill too! xo

arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

love shabby apple's new collection as well! :)

Suni said...

Love your cute blog. I had a dream that my hub had Adam Levine do a private concert for our anniversary and then I left with Adam....oh dear!

Browns said...

Agree with you on Adam Lavine. Love the Shabby Apple dress, have to tho that model's head looks really big for some reason??!!