June 20, 2011

Inspired by Grassy Fields

Now that Summer is in full swing, I am seeing blossoms and greenery everywhere, and boy am I LOVING IT! Part {quatre} of my "Inspired by Nature" series of posts is going to be....you guess it, GREEN!

Grassy hills, rolling green meadows, first signs of spring....Green is a gorgeous, inspiring, and happy color.  It has become quite popular since the "Going Green" revolution and is probably the color we associate most with nature.

From Emerald, Pea Green, Apple Green, Chartreuse, and Kelly Green...in any shade, Green is always lovely and peaceful.

To me, Green is reminiscent of a new season, fresh adventures, and if you were to ask Mother Nature what her favorite color is, she would answer "most definitely, Green". Duh!

People say "green with envy" I say "envy the color green".  Hope you have a great Tuesday Lovelies! XoX

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ForeverPeaches said...

Oh love Green!!!! I wish it was Summer here! It's freezing! Love those Green shoes! x

Jessie said...

How can I not love this post? It's my most favorite color in the world and to see all the pretty images you have lined up makes me even happier! Love.every.single.image!


MM said...

I am so in love with green!!! Those pictures are amazing!

Have a beautiful day!


Ashley said...

Those photos are so perfect and I love the color green! xx

Kelly said...

LOVE KELLY GREEN of course! :)
Love the shoes, the cottage surrounded by moss and wild flowers, Love the kithchen island and ceiling! And LOVE LOVE the picture of Drew Barrymore! LOVE her! And the green one peice suit is so cute, as my hubby would say "you love anything with ruffles" and he is so true!

Brooklyn said...

Oh how these photos inspire and make me Happy!

Alexa said...

Love that green dress in the second photo! Gorgeous!

Sabrina said...

Amazing green pictures ;-)

Jackie said...

Such great photos. Green is such a lovely color. I need a touch of green in my closet.


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Yeay happy summer indeed! Love the quote "The grass is greener when we are together" found your blog through Jackies email..about guest blogging and I love it!


Polyvorina said...

Also, green is the most relaxing color to look at. For the eye-muscles I mean. :) This post really reminded me how nice green can be - I think it's the color I most overlook since it's around us so much naturally. Gotta get more green in my life now though! ;)

Gentri said...

Your blog is lovely and I can't believe I'm just finding it! Love it! This seriously made me reconsider my favorite color choices. Perhaps green should be my favorite- these pictures are incredible! :D haha!


Mapleandvine said...

great photo finds :) love the little cottage and the high heels !!

cute blog :)

Brynn {chartreuse and a twist} said...

what is it about green? it is so vibrant yet calm & cleansing...i have a thing for green {chartreuse, especially...if you couldn't already guess!} ;) xoxoxo brynn

ashley.warner said...

green is my FAVORITE COLOR of all time.
its so gorgeous.

thanks for sharing the fun photos and ideas!