October 8, 2011

It's been awhile.

So it has bee awhile...A week (to be exact) and once again, life took over, hence the MIA.  Oops.

Sooo, How was your week?  Do you have awesome plans this weekend?  I am leaving out of town again Monday to California for the next week, but I promise to post this week and I have TONS of awesome posts lined up.

DIY Art, awesome recipes for the Fall, a little peak into where Mr. Delicious dwells (his nursery) and some killer fashion finds and updates from the beach.  I can't wait to see you all back here Monday and hope you have a wonderful weekend!! XOX

Oh, and since I have Cali on the brain...here are some pictures that just make me oh. so. happy.  It has only been a couple weeks since my toes have been in the sand, but that is two weeks too many!  Can't wait.

Enjoy your day.



Windsor Andersen said...

Ah home sweet cali. Love every picture


Kelly said...

Cute pics!! Have fun in cali with your fam!! xo

krissy rock said...

i love these pictures! They put a smile on my face. I want my kids to have long shaggy hair :)