October 10, 2011

DIY Wall Art

I always love a great DIY project. One that makes me happy when I see it.  So, after I decided to tackle the "situation" over my couch (situation: as in I needed some art...a big piece of art, pronto), I of course went searching for inspiration.

Now, let's be clear first...I am not the best artist.  I needed to make something easy.  I perused through Pinterest (the best website ever) and then through my favorite blogs. I finally decided on making my own large word art.  I was inspired by the piece Nicole made via {here}.

Instead of buying some wood and staining it, I just used an extra piece from an Ikea coffee table.  What?!
I'll explain.

See this coffee table {here}?  I have this in my living room, but I never added the bottom shelf, because I liked the open look of it better.  So, I have literally had this extra large piece of wood just sitting in my closet for over a year.  I decided on a quote that I love by Mozart and literally just free handed the quote with white acrylic paint.  I didn't measure, didn't practice, and didn't mind if it didn't turn out perfect, because I am weird like that.  I don't like when things are too "perfect" and "symmetrical"...

Definition:  I like a little whimsy.

It did however, turn out totally perfect (in my eyes) for the space.  It cost me all of $3 in supplies  (I already had the wood, paint, and brush), and it really amps up the space. Boo-Ya!  My hubby just drilled in some picture hanger rings (the $3) to the back and voila!
sorry about the poor picture...gotta love phone pics.  I promise a better quality one on the way!

P.S.  I also decided to make a little version with just a plain white canvas and black acrylic paint that I already had on hand also.  I choose one of my favorite lyrics from ColdPlay...it now greets me in the Living room everyday.  SO cheap and So awesome...yes!! Make it a great Monday. XoX


Alexa said...

Oh I love this....looks great on the white wall too! :)

Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

they both look great, crafty lady!

fashionwise said...

great post !!!
have you seen my new pic ?

Abigail's Place said...

such a lovely organic feature to have in your home!
lovely quotes too!
Happy Monday!

Abigail x

Megan and Justin said...

SUCH a good idea. it looks awesome.