February 8, 2012

Will You Be My Valentine?

For Captain Crazy's class this year, I was trying to come up with cute ideas for Valentine's to hand out, instead of the usual "Disney, Transformers, etc...." cards.

I came across these ideas that are so simple and cute, and my son can help make them which is always better then just going to Target to buy them :)

One of my Favorites. How cute and easy to make!

The majority of my sons class is boys, so this might be a cute option.

I really love this...I would tweak it a bit and use pretty, whimsical paper for the hand and possibly stencil lettering.

I am sure this would be a hit with the kids. It's fun and not "too cutesy" for the boys in the class.

I love a great Watercolor project...this is just so simple and sweet! Any kid would love to paint these and hand these out to his friends.  I think adding Swedish fish as the treat would be cute.  
I love this. It is just a handmade Lollipop Cover.

P.S. I had to share this, because as I was "pinning" Valentines ideas...this popped up and I had to post it.  HOW FREAKING CUTE!  I am definitely going to make this for my husband.  I love it.
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Joanna said...

These are all so adorable! I teach Middle School and the Pop Rocks one might be on my to do list for my students! Thanks for sharing!