May 22, 2011

Counting Sheep

The bedroom is a place beyond counting sheep.

It is a place to recharge your soul, your mind, your body...

A place to reflect, to dream, to wonder...

A place to unwind, cuddle, and make love {wink}...

And, It is my favorite room in my house.

Why are bedrooms (and sleep, more accurately) on my mind? Because I got like zero this weekend.  Blah.  Anyhoo,  no worries.  I am hitting the pillow early tonight to start my week of fresh {and to get these dark circles in check}....and I can't wait.  ZZZzzzzzzz.

Here is to counting sheep and heading to the land of nod...Enjoy your Monday. XoX

Yes please.




Romantic and Feminine.

Easy and simple elegance.

Such a great DIY headboard.


Are we seeing a theme in these pics? I believe the criteria for my bedroom of choice is: All White &Romantic details.

Why yes, it is....How cute would these be in a bedroom?

Black wall and Black ceiling to floor Window Panels?  Hello Chic.

Can I stay at this cabin?


Minimalist excellence.

Fabulous idea for a closet, focal point, and headboard.  Genius against the all White room. 

Love exposed brick walls. In a bedroom as a focal point...even better.
All images via my pinterest


Anonymous said...

Oh my - that DIY headboard is to die for. Seriously - will be copying that some time in the future :)

Sar xx

Belly B said...

The bedroom is definitely my favourite place too!!! It's so personal and cosy :)

<3 Belly B

ashley.warner said...

all of these bedrooms are gorgeous.
perfect for sleeping :) hehe

love them all.


Heidi said...

oh my gosh! I want to stay at that cabin too!! These are such lovely photos!

Marissa said...

These bedrooms are amazing! xoxo Marissa

Brooklyn said...

I love the warmth of the lamps against the brick wall. cozy! and that headboard?! Perfect! although Justin would say it's too "vintage" for his New York style :)

LORENA said...

omg that first one is like a dream!! and that thrid pic, no words for that one, lol


Brynn {chartreuse and a twist} said...

this is a reminder of how badly i want to redecorate my bedroom!!! i have a really big crush on the last one... that image has made at least a couple of appearances on my blog, too ;) i just love it! thanks so much for visiting chartreuse and a twist and for following! love your blog, too...can't wait for more :)

Amanda* said...

This post is perfect for me too. Although I feel that I got a lot of sleep last night, I am sleepy today! Is it 5 yet? :)

Abigail's Place said...

gorgeous post, love all of your images i would be delighted with any one of them but there is no way i could get out of it for work

Abigail x

Kelly said...

I want the "this is where the magic happens" sign! So cute. And I agree, we all need more sleep!! Hope you can get some much needed sleep. xoxo

Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

I was actually feeling pretty rested until I read this post! Any excuse for a nap!

Alexa said...

Um...gorgeous. I want to be in that top photo for sure!

Sophie said...

ohh i am obsessed with all these rooms! bedrooms are def my fave room in a house too! i especially love the last one x

Polyvorina said...

That first quote describes me perfectly - I never want to go to sleep! But maybe if I had one of these bedrooms, I'd be less difficult about it. ;)

Emily said...

Ok. I love this post soo much. And I love your blog. Totally following!

Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage said...

Gorgeous! Funny how there are so many different styles of rooms but I would love to have nearly every single one!
Tikkitiboo + Ahka Blog

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I have been feeling like a zombie lately. It must be because I have been lacking sleep these past few days. Anyhow, I hope you get a good night's sleep. =)

mandyface said...

Reading this on my lunch break was a mistake, all I want to do now is nap! And only luxuriously! I really love that floating one!!!

Anonymous said...

Love these photos. That first one is from that tiny little blonde that redecorated her little house (literally-it is like a grown up playhouse). All I remember is that she wears vibrant pink wellies. :)

Love the whole post. (I'm obviously catching up on blogs, since this is my third comment for the night on your blog) :)

Aurealious said...

I'd like to follow your pinterest. What is your name or link??