July 5, 2011

Inspired by Glaciers

The tip of a glacier, the top of a snow capped mountain, the crest of a wave about to break, fluffy clouds....they all have one thing in common, WHITE!

Welcome to part {5} of my "Inspired by nature" series.  It is all about the color White today.  Pure, clean, simple, classic, fresh...White really is the most calming and serene color {or shade, if you prefer}.

I am always in awe of an all white room and head-over-heels for an all white dress...It just screams simplicity, but with a aura of confidence.  White, when paired with other colors tends to be in the background and not as noticeable.  BUT, leave her all alone...and she becomes so shockingly gorgeous, it is completely impossible to not notice.

After looking through all these pictures of all white rooms, white outfits, and all white landscape....I have to admit, I am (this close) to painting everything in my home White.  Happy Tuesday Dolls.

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Linh @ La-La Linh said...

What a dreamy post. LOVE all of these photos - from the wedding dresses to the home decor. Sigh...

Abigail's Place said...

Gorgeous post Brittany!
Love this nature post, glaciers and a snow top mountain sounds beautiful!
An of course great choice of pics too many good ones to have a favourite!

Abigail x

Kelly said...

I was just telling Hubby that I want to get our cabinets painted white! I have always wanted a white kitchen.

ashley.warner said...

simply gorgeous.
love the elegance of white!

Mrs. T said...


Laura said...

I love all the white. whenever I see commercial for cotton or something with a family dressed in white in a white bedroom with white fluffy sheets, I always regret getting colored linens! Its soo serene!


Alexa said...

beautiful pics. They are super dreamy!

Joanna said...

Clean and simple is always so chic! I love these pictures!

April said...

This post is incredible... I love white rooms as well!


Jessie said...

I love white furniture, white kitchens, white dresses and white rooms. The only white I dislike is white hair. :) Great collection of images!